So you’ve looked around, but you still have a few questions...

Why should I become a Member of Parelli?
• Build your confidence and overcome fears
• Solve behavior problems and discipline issues
• Master advanced maneuvers
• Learn to think like a horse and have a deep understanding of the equine mind
• Become the kind of horseman other horse owners look up to
• Say goodbye to horse training frustration
• Embrace never-ending self-improvement
• Have fun and stay motivated
• Connect with other like-minded horse enthusiasts
• Take the guesswork out of what-to-do-next to improve your horsemanship
• Discover how to become a better partner for your horse (WARNING! This has a tendency to make you a better friend, spouse, parent and boss as well!)

How do I cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership at anytime by logging into and clicking the Settings link in the top right hand corner.

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